Field Leaders

Business & Finance Leaders

Business & Finance Leaders

Herbert Allison Jr.

Former CEO of Fannie Mae and COO of Merrill Lynch

B.A. in philosophy

Janice Bryant Howroyd

Founder and chief executive of Act 1 Group

B.A. in English

Kenneth Chenault

CEO of American Express

B.A. in history

Steve Ells

Founder, Chairman and CEO of Chipotle Mexican Grill

B.A. in art history

Carl Icahn

Activist, Investor and Chairman of Icahn Enterprises

B.A. in philosophy

Sue Kronick

Operating Partner of Marvin Traub Associates and former Group President of Federated Department Stores

B.A. in Asian studies

A.G. Lafley

Former Chairman, President and CEO of Procter & Gamble

B.A. in French and history

John Loose

CEO of Corning

B.A. East Asian history

Brian Moynihan

Chairman and CEO of Bank of America

B.A. in history

Anne Mulcahy

Former Chairman and CEO of Xerox

B.A. in English

Henry (“Hank”) Paulson Jr.

Former Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs and U.S. Treasury Secretary

B.A. in English

Michaela Rodeno

Former CEO of St. Supéry winery

B.A. in French literature

Jeff and Rich Sloan

Co-Founders of Startup Nation

B.A. in English and Asian history, respectively