We are researching the field of undergraduate humanities recruitment to identify and share a variety of effective strategies.

Surveying the Field

Our research into undergraduate humanities recruitment efforts began in 2018 with a pilot survey of 77 faculty and administrators at a variety of institutions. In 2019, we used the pilot survey results to create the Humanities Recruitment Survey (HRS), a broader survey of the higher education humanities community. HRS gathers data on challenges to attracting students to the humanities, the audiences faculty and administrators are engaging to overcome those challenges, and specific humanities recruitment strategies that exist on campuses around the country. 

The first HRS report, Humanities Recruitment Survey: Challenges & Audiences, shares quantitative results from 397 faculty and administrators at 294 institutions. The survey remains open to continue collecting data—please contribute your perspective and strategies!


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Digging into Strategies

The Humanities Recruitment Survey asks respondents to describe humanities recruitment strategies they are employing on their campuses. To date, we have received over 250 qualitative responses to this question. Using these responses as a starting point, we are outlining distinct categories of strategies, such as career pathway initiatives and curricular innovations, and conducting additional qualitative research to identify effective approaches within each category. We will then distribute in-depth resources that provide overviews of types of recruitment strategies, with specific examples that represent the range of strategies within each category. These resources will illuminate how faculty and administrators launched and sustained initiatives that are attracting more undergraduates to the humanities.

Learning What Works

We are conducting research to document the impact of particular initiatives on student perceptions and behaviors concerning the humanities. This research will contribute to the humanities community’s understanding of which strategies are most effective and why. If you are interested in partnering with us to better understand the impact of your initiative, please email our research associate, Younger Oliver, at [email protected].