Strengthening Humanities Recruitment Efforts

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Researching Recruitment Strategies

We are conducting research to provide an overview of the field of undergraduate humanities recruitment efforts by collecting, categorizing, and studying the impact of effective recruitment strategies. We are doing this by:

  • Surveying the field

  • Digging into strategies

  • Learning what works


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Making the Case for the Humanities

The Study the Humanities Toolkit presents data to help you demonstrate the professional and personal value of studying the humanities. There are six cohesive arguments, each of which is accompanied by a brief essay, related articles, talking points, and supporting evidence packaged into charts, quotes, data points, and profiles.


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Building Community

Our toolkit and research serve to support faculty and administrators around the country who are dedicated to attracting more undergraduates to the humanities. We convene this community of practice every March at the National Humanities Alliance's Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. and through regular events throughout the year.


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