Majors Excel

Humanities Majors Enjoy Their Studies and Find Pathways to Varied Careers

In the following videos, humanities majors highlight the many possibilities opened by studying the humanities. They also speak about why they chose their specific majors, the subject-knowledge and skills they acquired, and their post-graduation plans.

Anthropology major describes how studying peoples and cultures helps develop critical skills by engaging in field work.

Africana studies major tells how honing writing and research abilities through case studies gave her more than just valuable skills: studies in the humanities are a true “way of going about life.”

Arabic studies major enjoys learning in small classes and forming a tight-knit community of students who get to travel the globe and explore careers in international relations.

English major details how being a dual major in both English and mathematics is complementary and lauds the value of the undergraduate research he was able to complete as a student in the English department.